Meet Roger D. Beck

Roger is an independent craftsperson and has become known as the Housetrucks guru. He built his first housecar in 1969 and left Los Angeles & big city life, heading north, set out to enjoy life with an attitude of peace and adventure. Over the next 7.5 years he traveled the Pacific Northwest doing art fairs, and built three more housetrucks, each one getting larger.

HouseCar #1

Roger’s first housecar was a 1955 Mercury. It sported many paint jobs during and after construction and was eventually affectionately referred to as “The Garden”.

HouseTruck #2

Roger’s second housetruck was a 1952 Ford 3/4 ton. This was a learning experience for Roger and he sold it in Los Angeles in order to finance his third houstruck.

HouseTruck #3

Roger’s third houstruck was built on a 1947 Ford 1 1/2 ton with the help of his father. It was sold to a young couple as a means of making their escape from the big city.

HouseTruck #4

Roger’s fourth housetruck was a ’52 Federal 5-ton and Roger still has it today. Ideas for this house came from living in the previous three. It features an open-beam ceiling, wood-fired heating stove, propane gas cook stove, Aladdin oil lamps and an old oak ice box.

After years of dealing with high wind resistance caused by the flat front of his house, he decided to make major design changes when building the front of his furth housetruck.

Roger’s housetruck was built and propelled by making wire flower jewelry and selling it in the Pacific Northwest cities at art fairs and gift shops. Having his shop as part of his home gave him the freedom to live and work wherever he chose to park.

By using the space above the cab of the truck, he was able to build a nice, cozy master bedroom loft. The atmosphere and appearance of his truck’s interior was molded and transformed by the many items he found while traveling. He tried to find items that would allow him to be self sufficient and able to park anywhere and be home.

Roger dreams of being back on the open road once again!

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